Winter mornings SOLC 3-4-16

It was that time of morning, the time where I take the dogs outside. I lazily put on my coat and boots not thinking about a hat or gloves, because it has been warmer the past few days. As I took them outside my eyes landed on a fresh new layer of white powder on my porch. A cold wind past through me as I shivered and tried to snuggle into my coat for warmth. I looked over to my dogs who were joyously prancing in the snow, no care in the world. I wondered how something so cold could make them so happy and satisfied. I brought one dog inside as he happily jumped onto the porch. I called in my other dog and it looked as though a frown appeared on his face. As I walked into my warm house with relief that I was finally inside, I thought about how excited I was for spring to come.

3 thoughts on “Winter mornings SOLC 3-4-16

  1. I can definitely relate to the longing for spring! I miss being able to walk around and be the hippy I am. I love how you take such a small moment, a moment most overlook, and turn it into something greater.

  2. Great description, Faith! This afternoon, was beautiful with the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the snow. We enjoyed a few minutes outside after school.

    I love how you kept switching between the warmth and cold, the happiness and then the frown. Great contrasts!

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