Hockey 3-12-16

As I walked into the Michigan State hockey arena, the faint smell of buttery popcorn stood out to me. The game was the Spartans against the Buckeyes. I am a Spartans fan but not a 100% full hearted fan due to the love of Michigan on my dad’s side of the family. ¬†As we got to our seats it was just time for the first puck drop. As the game grew longer the Spartans had a great shot for a goal and they scored, people cheered wildly. Of course after that the Ohio state Buckeyes got a goal, the fans booed. During the game you could hear people cheering for the Spartans blocking goals, while at other times you hear people criticize how players played.

The score was tied, people were on the edge of their seat waiting for that perfect shot for the Spartans. It happened, they scored! The tie was no longer on the scoreboard, or so we thought. The refs had to review the goal, and they did not count it. The amount of boos I heard was overwhelming.

The score tied until the end of the 3rd quarter, and we went into overtime. Overtime did not help the tie on the scoreboard so it went into a shootout. The first shot of the shootout for the Spartans did not go into the net, nor did the first one for Ohio. It was the second one that really got the crowed cheering, the Spartans scored. People cheered for the victory of their favorite team, the cheering died down as people left the arena. It was a good win for the Spartans.

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