Sickness 3-14-16 SOLC

As I was as I was sitting in class today, a burst of chill ran through me. I felt as though I could put on a million blankets and still be cold. I sat in class shivering, constantly pulling the arms of my sweatshirt down to cover my vaney hands. I almost had the courage to go up and tell the teacher right as the cold chill died down just a little bit. I decided I could suck it up, and accept the fact that I am getting sick. Later that hour right around my nose hurt and my head felt as though it could burst.

I am getting a head cold, I thought to myself. I ignored it and went on to my daily work. The chills went away, but I still had a pounding headache. The complicated thinking did not help. I thought about different foods and my headache vanished. Foods are the cure to almost all complications.

3 thoughts on “Sickness 3-14-16 SOLC

  1. Getting sick is the worst! I feel like I can’t sit next to anyone without asking if they’ve been experiencing cold symptoms lately for fear of once again, getting sick!

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