De Luca’s SOLC 3-18-16

The smell of delicious pizza filled up my nose as I walked into my favorite pizza place in Lansing, De Luca’s. I followed the woman taking me and my grandparents to our seat, and I couldn’t help but look at the amazing pizza on someone’s table. People were smiling and laughing, some shoving their faces with pizza. I sat at the table and thought about the disappointment of the Spartans versus middle Tennessee game. The Spartans (2 seed) lost to Middle Tennesse (15 seed). My bracket is screwed.

After long talks of politics and basketball, our pizza finically came. I hurrily grabbed a piece, I was so hungry I could eat a whole pizza. That did not happen. I was full after 2 pieces, but if was so delicious I couldn’t stop eating it so I grabbed a third piece even though my stomach would not be happy about it. After I accomplished my 3rd piece of pizza I laid back in the cozy booth and sat, tummy full and definitely satisfied.

1 thought on “De Luca’s SOLC 3-18-16

  1. And I am officially hungry. Oh well. I love how you subtly describe what’s happening around you and bring the focus back on you guys when the food arrives!

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