SOLSC 3-23-16

Small raindrops clicking on the roof like soft tap dancers. I was cleaning my room and I stopped to look at my collection of old things in a small box. The first thing I saw was a box to a necklace my grandmother gave me when I was younger. The necklace box contained a necklace that had a boxed present charm at the bottom with a poem written in the box, about how you can hold the necklace close to your heart and they will think of you.

The next thing I found was an old Indian recorder type of thing I got for a reminder of Mackinac city. I played it carelessly and it sounded horrible, because the keys were not like those on a clarinet. I also noticed a bunch of other random things in the box. I put the box away and continued cleaning, thinking about Harry Potter (what I do all day, every day).

4 thoughts on “SOLSC 3-23-16

  1. I too think about Harry Potter a lot! This describes cleaning really well. Who doesn’t look through everything they own, finding treasures along the way? The whole thing tied together with a brief mention of the clarinet makes it just about perfect.

  2. I love how you described the rain like “soft tap dancers.” Your descriptive language really helped to imagine the whole scene.

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