SOLSC 3-31-16

Waiting, waiting, and more waiting. Everyone is anxious for it to only be 1 more day until spring break. The thoughts of sun and warm weather made me smile. All I could hear is people talking about what they will be doing and where they are going for vacation, or the relaxation of staying home. Tomorrow all people will be talking about is the talent show 6th hour and Spring Break again. 1 more day, that’s all, then a week of fun.

SOLSC 3-29-16

The taste of smooth milk chocolate filled my mouth as a slight grin appeared on my face, never wanting this taste to end. I was eating some Easter candy with my friend, Autumn, and we were just stuffing our faces to the max. I keep eating some of my Reese’s peanut butter cup while I saw that Autumn was on her 5th Hershey’s kiss. We have done the damage, 2 Reese’s eggs, 11 Hershey’s kisses, 2 suckers, 3 small Reese’s eggs, and a dinner to come. Today was a good day to eat a lot of candy and food ( like every day).

SOLSC 3-27-16

The sound of children laughing and screaming, adults chatting joyfully, is one of my favorite sounds. It is the sound of a family gathering that we have every holiday. The smell of amazing food filled my nose as well. I smiled as my cousins were telling jokes that were funny. Family gatherings are my favorite no matter what holiday it is, because I get to spend quality time with family.

3-24-16 SOLSC

I lay my head slowly down in the cold pillow. I pulled out my book and read until the show was back on. American Idol was on and I was listening to people sing their hearts out with their amazing voices. It is so awesome how everyone has a talent and how well the people singing show it. Beautiful singing filled my head as I watched people walk around the stage dramaticly. It is an amazing thing to show that you have a great voice on television.

SOLSC 3-23-16

Small raindrops clicking on the roof like soft tap dancers. I was cleaning my room and I stopped to look at my collection of old things in a small box. The first thing I saw was a box to a necklace my grandmother gave me when I was younger. The necklace box contained a necklace that had a boxed present charm at the bottom with a poem written in the box, about how you can hold the necklace close to your heart and they will think of you.

The next thing I found was an old Indian recorder type of thing I got for a reminder of Mackinac city. I played it carelessly and it sounded horrible, because the keys were not like those on a clarinet. I also noticed a bunch of other random things in the box. I put the box away and continued cleaning, thinking about Harry Potter (what I do all day, every day).

Book SOLC 3-22-16

The bold black words on the old white, orange page really bring me joy.  The bright light shining on the pages so you can read the words. This small short (not really short, because I read for hours) time brings me such happiness. I could read Harry Potter for the rest of my life and never get bored of it. I love books because it is a new experience every time you read a new book. The creativity of people astound me.

SOLC 3-21-16

The smell of river filled my house, I may have gagged a few times. My dad was making fish for dinner, one of my least favorite things ever. He called that it was time for dinner. I put my book away and tries not to think about the disgusting taste of fish.

I had the bravery to try a extremely small piece. It did not smell bad, maybe this fish would be good! I slowly moves the shiny silver fork close to my mouth, then I put it is my mouth. I thought about how it tasted for a couple seconds…. No, no, no, no. It was gross. I put it on my dad’s plate and finished my rice. That was an experience I never want to do again. (sorry for anyone who like fish… Or any seafood)

Sunday SOLC 3-20-16

I woke up to the bright sunlight slightly shining through my curtains. I looked around me, things were still. I lay in my bed not wanting to get up, because of the warm blankets surrounding me. The clock read half past 8, that is sleeping in for me. I lazily put on my glasses now being able to see. I walked out into the living room, grabbed my book, and shoved my face in it. Reading is my ideal way of waking up to a beautiful day.

De Luca’s SOLC 3-18-16

The smell of delicious pizza filled up my nose as I walked into my favorite pizza place in Lansing, De Luca’s. I followed the woman taking me and my grandparents to our seat, and I couldn’t help but look at the amazing pizza on someone’s table. People were smiling and laughing, some shoving their faces with pizza. I sat at the table and thought about the disappointment of the Spartans versus middle Tennessee game. The Spartans (2 seed) lost to Middle Tennesse (15 seed). My bracket is screwed.

After long talks of politics and basketball, our pizza finically came. I hurrily grabbed a piece, I was so hungry I could eat a whole pizza. That did not happen. I was full after 2 pieces, but if was so delicious I couldn’t stop eating it so I grabbed a third piece even though my stomach would not be happy about it. After I accomplished my 3rd piece of pizza I laid back in the cozy booth and sat, tummy full and definitely satisfied.