Reading SOLC 3-17-16

Reading is one of my most favorite things in the world. I can spend hours reading and I will love every moment of it. I am reading Harry Potter and I am loving it. It is my favorite series and I am only on the second book. I can picture every moment of the book in my head and it just makes me smile. The books are written to perfection and get so in depth about a topic and how something happens to one character, or if something is happening at Hogwarts. If you are wondering what books to read next I seriously recommend the Harry Potter series. Got to go read Harry Potter now.

After school SOLC 3-16-16

I walked outside right as a gust of wind nearly blew me over. It was after school and I was walking with my friend Autumn by my side being her funny self. She started to walk backwards so the wind would blow her hair back like in a dramatic movie, I laughed at how funny she was. We kept on walking foward, wind blowing, hair in our faces constantly, and we continue to do weird things making eachother laugh probably looking like freaks to the people riding peacefully in cars. I looked back and I saw my other friend Mya running towards us. She met up with us and we walked laughing at eachother on the way. I love my friends, they are all so amazing, and funny, and kind, and so much more, and they mean the world to me.

Dog walks

Nico walked by my side, huffing and puffing wanting to go farther than by my side. I held tightly to the electric blue leash and kept by my hip. It was Nico’s first walk of the year and he was happy, he wanted to pull me and sniff thing the first few minutes, but after he got tired of him pulling so he calmed down. You could hear the slight click of his nails against the sidewalk, he walked in a pattern, click, click, click, click, click. I looked down at him, he looked at me tiredly.

I slowly came to a stop as we were about to cross the road. He sat on the ground quietly for a minute, then stood up ready for the rest of the journey. We kept walking, I could feel a burn appear on my finger from the ropey leash. As we stepped onto the porch I let go of Nico, and he rushed to the door. Nico and I were both happy that we had a good walk.

Sickness 3-14-16 SOLC

As I was as I was sitting in class today, a burst of chill ran through me. I felt as though I could put on a million blankets and still be cold. I sat in class shivering, constantly pulling the arms of my sweatshirt down to cover my vaney hands. I almost had the courage to go up and tell the teacher right as the cold chill died down just a little bit. I decided I could suck it up, and accept the fact that I am getting sick. Later that hour right around my nose hurt and my head felt as though it could burst.

I am getting a head cold, I thought to myself. I ignored it and went on to my daily work. The chills went away, but I still had a pounding headache. The complicated thinking did not help. I thought about different foods and my headache vanished. Foods are the cure to almost all complications.

Rain 3-13-16

Small drops of water fall from the sky and land on the hard ground. They break forming a puddle of clear water. But, in a little while the rain drops will evaporate into the sky to combine with other raindrops forming clouds. This reminds me that you may have hard times and feel as though you may break. But, in a while you will gather back together and be okay.

Hockey 3-12-16

As I walked into the Michigan State hockey arena, the faint smell of buttery popcorn stood out to me. The game was the Spartans against the Buckeyes. I am a Spartans fan but not a 100% full hearted fan due to the love of Michigan on my dad’s side of the family.  As we got to our seats it was just time for the first puck drop. As the game grew longer the Spartans had a great shot for a goal and they scored, people cheered wildly. Of course after that the Ohio state Buckeyes got a goal, the fans booed. During the game you could hear people cheering for the Spartans blocking goals, while at other times you hear people criticize how players played.

The score was tied, people were on the edge of their seat waiting for that perfect shot for the Spartans. It happened, they scored! The tie was no longer on the scoreboard, or so we thought. The refs had to review the goal, and they did not count it. The amount of boos I heard was overwhelming.

The score tied until the end of the 3rd quarter, and we went into overtime. Overtime did not help the tie on the scoreboard so it went into a shootout. The first shot of the shootout for the Spartans did not go into the net, nor did the first one for Ohio. It was the second one that really got the crowed cheering, the Spartans scored. People cheered for the victory of their favorite team, the cheering died down as people left the arena. It was a good win for the Spartans.

SOLC 3-10-16

As I was in band today playing scales, I couldn’t help think about the Dowling Dance. I wondered how I would do my hair, what make up I should wear, the jewelry that would go perfect with my dress. I had a quick flash of last year’s Dowling dance and how fun it was, and how I get to experience that for 2 more years at the middle school. I thought about all of my friends and I having a good time looking like beautiful princesses in our fancy dresses. It will be fun to compliment every girl on their beautiful dresses tomorrow, and just having a good time with all of my friends. Though I thought about what a bummer it will be that Mary cannot attend the dance because of a play. Even without one of my best friends I still daydreamed about what an amazing time we will have tomorrow.

Movies SOLC 3-9-16

As I was watching my favorite movie, Disney channel’s Descendants, I thought about how creative people are. There are thousands of movies out in the world, and none of them are the same. There are so many creative people in the world who have great thoughts about fictional people, and what they could be doing with their lives. When I am older it would be amazing to work with or for a company/person that is great with writing movies or books, so I can let my creative side be free. Continue reading Movies SOLC 3-9-16

Spring SOLC 3-8-16

As I walked out of the house this morning to go to school, I smelt the smell of fresh watery, warm air. I looked down to see that there was hardly any snow left on the ground. The thought of flowers blooming and trees being green, brought a smile to my face. I went into the car happily knowing that spring was just around the corner.

Dance class SOLC 3-7-16

As I watched my dance teacher, Ellie, prance around like fairy in the dance room, I though to myself, “how will I ever be able to do that?”. Ellie teaches Irish dancing and you have to be light and neat on your feet. Her feet moved faster than I thought I could ever move mine. She dances so gracefully and lightly on her feet. As she was teaching us the step I thought to myself, “huh, this is pretty easy.” As I was doing the step I watched her feet and my feet at the same time, we were doing the same thing at the same time, I am a graceful fairy dancer just like Ellie!