SOLSC 3-28-16

The cold crisp air raced through me as I quickly walked into the building. The smell of toothpaste and other teeth products filled my nose. In reply, my mouth made a slight disgusted look (the smell of the dentist has always bugged me). I waited for what felt like hours when the finally called me in.

I lay back in the long gray chair and let the dental hygentist do her work of scraping the teeth. It was my least favorite part now, when they put the fluoride stuff on the teeth. I opened my mouth probably looking funny, because of the gross taste it was putting on my teeth. After that disgusting journey, the doctor came in to make one last check, she confirmed that there was no cavities. After that was the paste they put in the teeth that was supposed to taste like mint, the label is completely wrong. I cringed again at the taste and when she was done I said thank you, and walked out thankful that it was over.

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